Alex and Adrian's Unattended Baggage

Alexander Snitker (libertarian-Republican political hack) and Adrian Wyllie (born-again anarchist and political has-been) banter, blather and joke about current events, while attempting to figure out whether to keep trying to salvage our Constitutional Republic, or just stock up on marshmallows to roast on the smoldering embers of society.

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5 days ago

We discuss the obvious political witch hunt of the man who definitely belongs behind bars, and the Florida Man who stands to benefit and lose the most from it, we wonder if the Africans will arrest the Caucasian who belongs below the jail, we’re excited that the “Don’t Say Gay” guy is going to jail for the noble cause of defrauding the government, and we wish the guys who invented DDT were still alive so they could go to jail, too.

Saturday Mar 18, 2023

Trump perp walk likely coming soon, Sino-Soviet “Global Civilization” may be precursor to WWIII, Fauci says lab leak caused by naturally-infected person walking into Wuhan lab…then walking out, meanwhile, the CDC was tracking our phones, Fed says don’t worry about bank failures because they have unlimited money, we discuss the proper role of pimps in society and the guard-prisoner sexual dynamic.

Friday Mar 10, 2023

Alex upsets the show schedule to sniff Ron Paul’s pillow, we revisit our investigation into the Wuhan lab leak from September 2021 and compare it to the revelations in this week’s Congressional hearing (spoiler alert…we were right), U.S. says Kaiser Soze blew up Nord Stream 2 pipeline, two terrorist groups face off in GA cop city, that Chinese crane is spying on you, and did Jimmy Kimmel have Epstein on speed dial?

Episode #187: Alex gets wrecked

Saturday Mar 04, 2023

Saturday Mar 04, 2023

Florida Legislature giving us Florida Mans a bad name, new “organoid intelligence” movement wants AI to have human brains, FBI & DoE fall for “Wuhan lab leak” conspiracy theory, Colorado cops launch the First Annual Unarmed Civilian Murder Award Ceremony, Beetlejuice gets the boot, and East Palestine residents are lucky Disney’s Mickey Mouse copyright has expired.

Saturday Feb 25, 2023

I’m Alex Snitker and I have diabetes, Adrian learns his subconscious economic indicator, government panel recommends disarming the US military to save lives, getting high as a zombie, AZ violates Constitution to enforce socialist patriotism, BootieGig channels Dukakis, Gen Z ain’t gettin any, and Biden whips out a brass pair.

Saturday Feb 18, 2023

Congress seems very worried about the unidentified things we’re shooting down, Microsoft’s new AI appears to be having a mental breakdown, Epstein’s list of pervs and pedos about to go public, environmentalists don’t know where paper comes from while others think 2kg of sulfur will save the planet.

Saturday Feb 11, 2023

We find the real purpose of the Chinese balloons, Santos and Luna usher in new breed of politician, Church of England plans to remove God’s penis, ganja and guns are together again, AI censor bans AI generated content for offending humans, and DeSantis has the right stuff to be President – namely self-righteous hypocrisy. 

Saturday Feb 04, 2023

China’s trial balloon flummoxes Biden, Trump shocked Bob Woodward would publish interviews he agreed to, programmers amazed that their deepfake AI is being used to make deepfakes, Congress amazed that genetically engineering viruses leads to mutated viruses, and Alex and Adrian are surprised than any of them are surprised.

Saturday Jan 28, 2023

Adrian gets fooled by A Natural Woman, Alex romances Adrian with his language skills, police seem to be getting better at policing their brutality, scientists getting to the molten core of climate change, news stories about Asians killing Asians omit the word “Asians,” Google employees not happy massages ending, and TikTok is clearly ChiCom spyware which the US government has no business banning.

Saturday Jan 21, 2023

World Economic Forum founder cosplays Dr. Evil at Davos, Gore makes big bank on fear porn, smiling Greta plays meat in cop sandwich, Santos’ backstory keeps getting better, Adrian volunteers to take the felony rap for Boeing, Big Brother is tracking your money transfers, San Fran reparations offers 400 acres and a mule, cops kill more black folks - plus a white guy for good measure.


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